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We are looking for passionate people to join us on our mission. We value flat heirarchies, clear communication, and full ownership and responsibility.



The Administration Department oversees organizational support functions, managing Human Resources, Finance, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sub-departments to ensure efficient and coordinated operational processes.



Which entails the careful sourcing of raw materials, their conversion into finished goods, quality assurance and the delivery of the refreshing Highlands beverages into the market.



Which is responsible for developing strong brands, communicating with our customers and shoppers and ensuring that the Highlands products are available “within arms reach” through engaging with our customers.



The Plant Department is responsible for overseeing and managing the production facilities, ensuring optimal efficiency, quality control, and adherence to safety protocols.

Customer Service
Supply Chain
Fleet Management
Digital Marketing
Finance & ICT

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Want to come and work with us and be part of Highlands Drinks Limited, to provide great taste and great value to our customers?

Oh, and it's not only about work!

As Highlands Drinks Limited, fostering a vibrant and enjoyable workplace culture is not just a goal; it's a way of life. The organization believes that a happy and engaged team is a productive one.

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Thanks to the Aberdare rainforest, Highlands Drinks Limited has a heritage of quality spanning over 70 years. Just like the Aberdare, we pride ourselves in a variety of world class products.

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