Highlands Cordials: 3 Decades of Flavor Dominance and a Fresh Addition



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Highlands Cordials has proudly led the dilute-to-taste cordial category for over 3 decades, setting a remarkable standard for excellence. The tradition of quality, instilled by our forefathers and passed down through maternal lines, remains integral to our brand.

Since its inception in 1989 with the introduction of the Orange Cordial, the brand has been on a continuous journey to expand its range of flavors. The latest addition to this remarkable journey is Cocopine Cordial, a flavor that's already making waves since its introduction in all leading supermarkets across Kenya.

I am confident that our customers will eagerly embrace the exploration of our new Cocopine variant, featuring adventurous taste combinations,” said the Head of Modern Trade, Ms Kaari Kinyua in a recent interview.

“Preliminary sales data indicates a positive reception for Cocopine, which greatly motivates us to intensify our efforts in promoting this innovative flavor. Experience has shown that often, it only takes one sip to captivate customers.”

Cocopine Cordial is now available in both 1 and 2-liter options, offering a choice that suits every consumer's preference. This new flavor has been met with enthusiastic reception in both the General Trade (GT) and Modern Trade (MT) sectors, highlighting the brand's unwavering commitment to satisfying the evolving tastes of our valued consumers.

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Company News

Highlands Cordials: 3 Decades of Flavor Dominance and a Fresh Addition


Thanks to the Aberdare rainforest, Highlands Drinks Limited has a heritage of quality spanning over 70 years. Just like the Aberdare, we pride ourselves in a variety of world class products.

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